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If you are in a hurry you will not notice Cadmon’s Cozy Coffee Shop. But if you slow down for a moment the smell catches your attention, and a lust you cannot explain drags you. Suddenly the storefront appears, but no sooner it is gone again. You start noticing people entering a dusty abandoned store with a closed sign on the door. How strange. 

This adventure is more or less system agnostic, so it can be used with Old School Essentials, D&D B/X or even 5e. You can drop it into any city or reskin it a little to make it a way-side inn.

Your players are venturing home from a long successful dungeon crawl or a wilderness encounter. So obviously they would need a break, but will there still be conflict and things to unravel? Yes. Meet Cadmon, a weird, wonderful and whimsical person serving you Coffee and offering to read your future.

And roll on a table to see if perhaps a ghost is occupying the attic or a rivaling coffee shop is messing up Cadmon's music. 

Print this pamphlet out and spill some coffee over it – just like Cadmon would. 

This little pamphlet is highly inspired by a Türkish friend I have who read my future once, as well as  Iko's The Perpetual Broth. Drawings are re-mastered from old Türkish Fairytales.

A big thank you should be given to JimmyShelter, who not only is a nice person but also helped me makes this even better.

Please consider subscribing, I will probably be updating this throughout the next couple of weeks. As well as publishing new weird stuff for your TTRPGs.


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Fun addition to a town in any TTRPG!