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"Descending further into delirious madness, King Fathmu IX is haunted by visions of mockery: Crude men who belittle him, sorcerers toying with his mind, and heretics conspiring with powerful demons to overtake his throne. Attempting to regain a feeling of control, Fathmu imprisons everyone who seems a threat in his underground prison. Terrified traitors, aspiring necromancers, powerful demagogues and even scum like you."

A  60 page zine made for Mörk Borg. 
It contains:

  • The 27-room prison sitting under Schleswig
  • Guides to play it after a TPK, as a funnel or a one-shot
  • Post-prisonbreak-hooks to continue the fun
  • Two new classes
  • Short pre-adventure to introduce the lore of the prison
  • More than 20 funny items (some co-created by backers)
  • Funky table to dress up your room descriptions

Guest art by non-other than Johan Nohr and Tommy Sunzenauer (creator of SVMP.) The rest is done by me with the help from computers, dead-people and talented people telling me how to improve.

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Otherwise, get it from one of these stores:
From Swedish Store Alphaspel

Or UK-based Store Iglootree

As you wake up in the weird hell hole a frail old man named Anuk Schleger wants to work together. Question is, can you trust him? And can you even find the way out?

Listen to the great guys giving this zine a whirl in FLAIL TO THE FACE:

Ian SerVaas: Copy writer, proofreader, co-writer. 

Ian is the awesome left hand of this project, jumping on board and helping me flesh out ideas as well as making sure my spelling has been up to par. 

Anders Dahl Kramer, Thor Noe and Marlene Kjeldsen also helped immensily with the creation of this awesome zine.

TRAPPED WITHIN is an independent production by Philip Jensen and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorPhilip Jensen
TagsBoard Game, mork-borg, mork_borg, morkborg, mrk-borg, Tabletop role-playing game, zine


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Just got my copy - Awesome stuff man! (my sort of humor too) 
Amazing print quality for both the Book and Map (and also the stickers)
Bought via ko-fi.com

haha, glad you’re equally cursed with a poor sense of humour. 

Thanks for the image and kind words. Means the world to me! Hope your players die horribly in Fathmu’s prison. 🤘


I've just bought a hard copy version of Trapped Within. It's awesome. I'm new to Mörk Borg and plan to solo it, and this looks great. Is there any chance of getting the PDF from you? I know many RPG publishers offer a PDF with their hard copy books. Do you do the same?

Of course. :) And thank you for supporting me! Solo'ing it sounds awesome.

There's no opportunity to write privately here, so if you have Discord can you reach out to me at:
Username: phil.dk

Or send me an email at trappedwithin@philipjensen.dk

Where did you buy it, just out of curiosity?


I have contacted you over Discord and by email. Thanks for replying!


I love browsing through this book as the text is well-written with a quirky sense of humor. Every page has great illustrations and a meticulous finish. Packed with throught-provoking mechanics, it's a joy to run and a novel challenge for players to escape the prison alive! Deeply entangled in the original Mörk Borg setting and lore, Trapped Within comes with plenty of suggestions on how to tie the adventure into a long-running campaign. Lastly, the two novel character classes (Dogmatic Acolyte and Scorched Bedlamite) are excellent additions to any MB game.

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A new and awesome podcast actual play giving Trapped Within their best AND MORE!


Episode 2 of this wonderful series:




pre-ordered it, looks  awesome.

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thanks! 🤘You will receive the download-code soon!


If you want to watch a fun Actual Play of a very early beta version, check out this video from Wandering Monster.